Aug 7, 2009

No pressure!

Recently, we stopped by Daniel Island, SC to see the lot my in-laws bought a year ago. They have not sold their home in Rhode Island yet, but hope to eventually build on Daniel Island and move there. We decided to make funny signs for each kid to hold and try to entice them to hurry up and make the jump toward retiring, building and moving. No pressure!
Wanted: Nan & Papa Joe
Wish You Were Here!
Carolina Bound?
Babysitters Wanted

They printed the picture and actually called the builder so that's progress! They even flew to see us this weekend, surprising the kids (particularly for William's birthday). When William came home from camp, he was told there was a special package that was delivered and it was in his closet. Should have seen his face when he opened the closet doors! Pure joy!
We love you Nan & Papa Joe!


  1. was hilarious trying to come up with funny signs!


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