Jul 13, 2009

To market, to market!

Just back from an amazing few days in Atlanta. I met with some great companies about licensing my designs for various products in the marketplace. Exciting things ahead and details soon. Had great dinners with friends in the industry and met so many wonderful people! Had dinner here one night and dinner here one night...loved them both and will be back!
Above photo is only one of three buildings at Americas Mart with 18 floors each...showrooms filled everything you can imagine...gifts, stationery, rugs, furniture, accessories, home decor, foods, etc. The amount of product is completely overwhelming, and I cannot imagine being a buyer!
It was also great to see my designs turned into embroidered linens for Peking Handicraft. They launched 14 of the 20 I designed for them and they turned out beautifully! They have designs with inspirational text on them. The showroom takes orders and ships to stores around the country. They will launch the rest in January 2010.
Hope that you had a great weekend!


  1. Caroline! I am so excited for you! This so awesome! I cannot wait to see them in a boutique near me!

  2. Thank you! Very exciting! We are developing the product tags now and the big launch will be in January. I will also be selling these on my website...just got the green light on that!


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