Jul 29, 2009

Creative Coops & Summer Craft Ideas

Ok...had to go back with my camera to snap shots of these creative coops (bird houses) which are located on the bike trail here on the island. Someone was quite clever either with decorating or purchasing these neat homes for our nesting friends. Love the church house and the shell house

Summer craft idea #1:
Head on over to Michael's craft store and purchased an unfinished bird house...cover with shells from your own beach trip! The kids will love this!
...and oh, look at this ringer!

These looked so pretty hanging from the Spanish moss covered trees on the bike trail...just had to share with you.
Summer craft idea #2:
Have the kids look for shells on the beach which already have a hole in them. (We easily found so many!) Use fishing line and let the kids string their own shell necklaces and bracelets.
More from the beach soon...


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